Thursday, 8 December 2016

A brand new experience...

6th December 2016
Today is my first day of teaching in Beishi Elementary school. After attending the morning meeting, 主任 and the principal gave me some directions on what to do during my seven weeks of volunteering work here. I am glad that I met many friendly teachers and the students were very enthusiastic. Basically, my task is to interact with the students by speaking English and to create an English environment for them to improve themselves. I cant wait to get along with them and I hope they will get something fruitful from me in return. Besides, after chatting with the principal and students, I was very shocked that the Taiwan’s students study for a very long period everyday, which is from 8:40 am to 3:50 pm. In Malaysia, we usually study from 730 am to 1230 pm. Therefore, I am very amazed by their study routine and I somehow feel lucky for those Malaysian students. 
        Besides, I am going to stay in Trinity and Morgan’s house for two weeks. Grace Mama and Ryan Baba treat me very well and I feel like at home when I am with them. At home, I tried to speak English with the two children as well, with the hope that I can somehow improve their English within these two weeks.
                                                                    Morgan,my host brother.


                                                                Trinity, my host sister.
                                                 The students in Beishi Guo Xiao.

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