Monday, 19 December 2016

Busy day oh yeah!

14th  December 2016  Day 12 
      Early in the morning, the students were gathered at the auditorium to have their assembly. It was held on every Wednesday, and the teachers would announce some important matters. Today, "Wang Zhu Ren" introduce a "Carbon Monoxide Poisonous" campaign to raise their awareness about this matter.
After that, the Year 6 students gave a short presentation about their graduation trip around Taiwan. I was very interested on the places they went, as I would take it as an example to plan my trip afterwards. Salute to their teacher who was willing to take the responsibilities of taking care of them during the whole journey.

               Today I joined the Year 2 students to make the rice ball as Dong Zhi is coming soon. This is the first time I celebrated this day with other people without my family. Normally in my home, my mum will prepare a two big rice dough, with pink and white colour, and we will start to roll it in to small ball. Rice ball represent Tuan Yuan, means reunion. Well this year is special as I am not around with my family, but it is indeed a very great experience :)



At night, I played basketball with Ryan's friends. Even though I am not good enough, but we still have fun playing together (at least I helped my team scored xD) I feel so great after the intense exercise, and it was a totally different feeling to exercise during winter.
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