Thursday, 29 December 2016

Christmas's Event + Dong Zhi

21/12/2016 Christmas's Event!

Christmas is around the corner! Today Beishi elementary school organised a Christmas English Learning Event. This event is aimed to encourage students to use their English knowledge in daily lives. Just a week before the event, we had meetings to plan the activities for the children. It was not easy to plan the games for them, especially when you have no idea about their knowledge level! Luckily, with the help from every teacher, we finally came up with an ideal plan. 

We have five station in total, which are:
1.Maze Runner
2. Cross the River
3. I can use my Body 
4. Daily English 
5. Baseball Squad in Beishi 

Look easy, but actually it is quite challenging for them. I was in-charged for the first game, "The Maze Runner". Students were required to blindfold ( except the team leader), and follow the instruction of the team leader to pass through the maze. This game can train the sense of direction of the kids and at the same time practice their vocabulary for direction ( such as left, right, forward etc.) 

Children are required to be blindfolded. 

I am explaining the rules to the team leader.

Children have to follow the instructions of the team leader to pass through the maze.

The games in other stations were quite interesting too. These are some of the photos:

Daily English station. carried out by Kevin.

Cross the river: Students have to step on the correct words to pass through the "river"

I can use my body: Students use their bodies to act out the words and the others have to guess the words.

Baseball Squad: Use the soft ball to hit the plate, and read out the word loudly.

Our Principal is the secret Santa xD Santa is giving out candies to the kids. 

The whole Beishi students. :) 

The whole event took about 1 hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 am. And after that, everyone go back to their classes and had their lessons. Oh, and today is Dong Zhi as well. I am glad that I can still eat the Tang Yuan although I am not in Malaysia. Happy Winter Solstice!


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