Monday, 2 January 2017

Shopping day with Year 5 kids

29/12/2016  Shopping GO GO GO!

    Once again, I am amazed by the learning style in Taiwan. I just knew that they will have a steamboat party IN THEIR CLASS tomorrow! And they are going to buy the groceries TOGETHER later! 

    Well in Malaysia, this will never happen. Bringing the children out to a supermarket is a great responsibility for the teachers as well as the school. (if something happened they will be the first one to be questioned). Therefore, in Malaysia, it is very hard to get the permission to organised a trip like this. Besides, we are never allowed to have a steamboat party in the class. One of the main reasons is the tendency that the students will buy non-halal food to school and it takes time to clean up the mess after the party. Anyways, this is a brand new experience for me. xD

      At around 1:40 pm, the whole year 5 students gathered at the corridor, and they were divided by their class teacher so that they could car pool with others. We arrived at Quan Lian Supermarket around 2 pm, and they were given 1 hour to shop for their groceries. To be honest, one hour is a bit too much xD. I was there to buy the sweet potatoes and flour for the Malay Cuisine tomorrow. So after 10 minutes, I had finished my task. Feeling bored, I walked around in the supermarket and look for some special snacks. A lot of snacks that I am interested but too bad I do not have enough fund xD. At around 2:50, we departed back to school, and they continued their lesson again. ( A bunch of really dedicated children. xD)

p/s: Sorry I have no photos for this trip :/

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