Thursday, 12 January 2017

Year 6 Batik Making

Day 41           Batik Making 

Today I introduce the Malaysia's special craft, Batik to the Year 6 students. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dye-ing applied to whole cloth. Batik is widely found in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia.

                                                         Image result for batik clothes
    Example of Batik clothes. 

Process of Batik Making 

In class, I gave them some Batik pattern examples so that they could have so ideas on what to draw. Apparently they are very good in drawing and their creativity is superb! 

The children start to colour the background after finish drawing the patterns using crayon.

I am giving them instruction on how to colour the background. 

Their arts are almost done. 


Final masterpieces :) 

I am glad that they had fun during this session and they know more about the batik making. It is actually as simple as that! 

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