Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Alishan 2D1N~

7/1- 8/1/2017   ALISHAN SUNRISE TRIP

A sea of clouds in Alishan! So BEAUTIFUL!

This weekend, we went to Alishan to watch the legendary sunrise! Early in the morning, we took the earliest bus, 7:10 am, from Chia Yi to Alishan. Once we reached there, we straight away began our tour in the recreation park. 
 Shermuh Recreation Park has the oldest tree in Taiwan, aged between 1000 to 2000 ++ years old. While walking, we took a deep breath to absorb the phytoncid ( good to boost our metabolism rate xD) It was really refreshing! We took two hours to visit the park, and we seek for a best location to view the sunset. 

Beautiful sunset in Alishan. 

Sister Pond. 


The next day, we woke up early in the morning to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, a thick cloud blocked the yellow sun :( Here goes my dreamed sunrise. 

The thick cloud blocked the sun :( 

The view in 小笠原山观景台

After that, we took a bus back to Chia Yi, and that's the end of our 2D1N journey. 

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