Wednesday, 4 January 2017

[Continue...] New Year Trip to Taichung 2 ^^

1/1/2017    合欢山 + 清境 +庐山

Woke up at 4:45 am to catch the bus from 埔里 to 松雪楼. It was pretty cold up there, with a temperature of 6 degree celcius. We waited for the bus at 国民宾馆, and at around 8:30 am, the bus arrived. I was surprised that we were the only passengers to 松雪楼, I think most of the Taiwanese prefer to drive themselves. At 10:30, we arrived at the peak of 合欢山. The crowd was quite a lot as expected, they usually went there early in the morning to watch the sunrise. 

The view was indeed magnificent! Definitely worth to visit! With the clear blue sky and the luscious green mountains, the whole scenery was as perfect as a painting. I love it! 

武嶺: The highest point in the Taiwanese highway system. 

After visiting 合欢山, we went to 青青草原. Unfortunately, when we arrived there, the park was going to close. So we only have a limited time to visit the place. 青青草原is a very huge park with natural landscape, people usually spent around half day there :/ We missed the sheep show, and we did not get to walk through every path...What a waste haiz...

The view in 青青草原. least I can selfie with the sheep xD 

Our next stop after 清境 was 庐山. After a long day of travelling, both of us were exhausted. It was not easy to travel with public transportation, as our greatest concern was to ensure that we had the transport to travel from one place to another. 

庐山trip.. to be continued...

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