Wednesday, 4 January 2017

[Continue...] New Year Trip to Taichung 3 ^^

2/1/2017           庐山 --> 嘉义 --> 龙田 

From Qing Jingto Lu Shan only took us around 30 minutes. After we checked in to the hotel, we had our dinner at the restaurant there. The place we stayed today was really good and worth the price. We paid fro TWD 1500, three meals included, free vouchers to cook the hot spring eggs and we can enjoy the hot spring bath! 


Vouchers for the desserts and eggs.

Our dinner. 

Yeah the dessert! 

The hot spring pool.

Breakfast! My favourite porridge! 

Use the hot spring to cook the eggs, to be honest, the taste is the same xD. 
We really enjoyed our time here as it was the most relaxing session so far... for a moment we did not need to worried for transportation, food, and place to stay as everything was well arranged before hand. However, it was indeed a nice experience for us to plan and learned something new. :)
At around 9 am, I reached my host family's house and can finally rest. That's the end of my 4D3N trip, and there are lots of memories to be cherished. 

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