Monday, 2 January 2017

Kuih Keria Keledek


To be very honest, I am nervous.
I rarely cook at home, and now I have to teach the children to make the Malay traditional dessert: Kuih Keria, and I have to make 100 pieces for the whole school! WOW! xD

Early in the morning, I reached school earlier to peel the sweet potatoes that I bought yesterday. 4.2 kg of sweet potatoes are really a lot xD. Let me briefly list out the ingredients needed:

1. Sweet potatoes 4.2kg 
2. Flour 900 gram
3. Sugar 500 gram

These are 4,2 kg of sweet potatoes.....

  Yeah no doubt it is as simple as that! First, you have to steam the sweet potatoes until they are very soft and smashed them! Well, it took me one hour to steam all of them =.= too much sweet potatoes! 
  Luckily I have those Year 5 and Year 6  students to help me. They smashed the potatoes and mixed the flour and smashed sweet potatoes together.  After the dough is well mixed, they rolled them into balls and made a hole at the center, yes just like the doughnut! 
Make a doughnut shape and fried them.

I can say those kids are quite good in their soft skills. After they made a "doughnut", they have to fried it immediately until it is gold in colour. Judging by the "style" they fried, I can see that majority of them actually helped their parents in cooking at home. Quite GOOD!

The next part of the kuih Keria is to make the sugar coating outside. This is slightly easier. Put the sugar into a pot of water and boiled it. When the sugar water becomes thicker ( please make sure it is not burnt xD), quickly put in the fried "doughnut" to coat them with a layer of sugar and TADA! It is ready to be served! 
Children are busy frying the kuih.

The final products! Looks delicious!!! 

Richard and teacher Fang. 

Culture sharing and kuih making session with Year 5 and 6 students! ^^

I am glad that I had successfully introduce the Malaysia traditional food for them and they really like it! Besides, it is good to try the Malaysian food oversea :] This is a taste of Malaysia! 

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