Sunday, 15 January 2017

First time FISHING!

Day 44  My first try for FISHING!! ^^

I always wanted to try fishing! It is a kind of recreation activities that I never tried before xD. Many thanks to my Caligraphy teacher, who willing to bring me out to fish. 

At around 1 pm, we headed to a fishing pond in Qi Gu. The weather was just nice for fishing, and I am ready for that! Teacher helped me to set up the fishing rod, and briefly explained the fishing method for me. Well I have to admit that it was not easy to fish. The power, the strength, the techniques......You have to get the correct way by yourself so that you could catch a fish. 

We fished for 4 hours, but unfortunately I failed to catch any. However, I did not get disappointed, this is my first time after all, at least my posture and techniques improved a lot xD. I hope that I have chance to fish again. 

Apparently I am very focus on my task. xD 

Oh well, the fish is caught by my teacher, I just borrowed it to take a picture haha! 

A small crab by the pond side.

Selfie with my teacher! Both of us looked like Ninja turtles. 

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