Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Year Trip to Taichung ^^

30/12/2016  - 2/1/2017  Taichung --> He Huan Shan -->                                            Qing Jing --> Lu Shan 
     2016 is finally comes to its end. This year will be definitely different from last year, as I am not in Malaysia but in Taiwan to celebrate the new year.

     On 30/12/2016, I straight away headed to Taichung from Chia Yi after school. It took us 1.5 hour there. Around 7pm, we arrived at Taichung train station. The moment I stepped out from the station, I can feel the comfortable cool breeze blowing. One of the best things in TaiChung is it has a well developed transportation system. Their public transport, buses are very convenient. For every 15 minutes, they will have buses to travel from one point to another. We took a bus to 逢甲 Night market. The journey took one hour to reach.

    Feng Jia Night Market is the largest Night Market in Taiwan and now I am lucky enough to witness it myself. There are many stalls selling different kind of food. And my friend and I did not stop eating from the moment we reached there xD ( The food is just too nice) My favourite street food is the glutinous rice with sausage, really like it! Around 10 pm, we went back to our hotel and rest.

     The next day, we went to our first stop, 台中秋谷道. It is a well decorated park, and it is a perfect place to spend time with your family.


After spending 10 minutes there, we went to 东海大学, Actually this was not our initial plan but we accidentally took the wrong bus xD But it's ok at least we went to somewhere new xD
东海大学 is the most beautiful university in Taiwan. Compared to Monash Malaysia ( My university), it is much bigger! And ya, it is indeed very pretty xD

The signature building in 东海大学. 

We planned to have our lunch at the 第二市场. There are so many popular food over there such as 颜记包子,王记糯米肠
杨妈妈立食...We get to tried all of them ( because we were very hungry xD)

This is very tasty! 


After lunch, we headed to the 草悟道. Well, as we were tired of taking the public transport, we went there by walking instead. It took us 30 minutes to walk there, with a luggage...Therefore, by the time we reached there, we were freaking tired. However, that place is still very nice to walk around and shop. There were many stalls selling snacks and some local food, not to mention their special handmade handcrafts. My friend bought a small wallet to her mum, and I bought a cap for my brother. A very well spent evening at there.

After diner, we went straight to 埔里 and prepared for the new year!
At PULI, we went to a restaurant with good ambience,called the 春花炭烤. Due to the new year celebration, it closed at 1 am, and we were happy enough to at least had a place to sit down and relax. The food there was really good. We ate the barbeque chicken, saba fish, Japanese rice with tea and so on. That was the place we say goodbye to 2016. 2017 will definitely be a better year. 


That is the end for 2016 schedule. My trip to He Huan Shan and Qing Jing, to be continued... :)

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