Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Half Day Trip to Chi Mei Museum

Day 43 A Half Day Trip to Chi Mei Museum 

Woke up at 8am, this weekend I am pretty chill and free. This is the first weekend I did not plan any trip and choose to spend my time with my host family. :) Besides, I have to take a rest before I begin my 7 days Taiwan trip xD 

We spent our morning watching a famous Indian movie: The Star in Your Heart. It was very touching. It tried to convey a message to all the parents and teachers, that every child is special and we should not limit their imagination and creativity by judging their results. 

After lunch, we went to Chi Mei Museum. It is a popular tourist spot in Tainan. Its signature building is the ivory white castle at the entrance of the park. It was fabulous! I saw a lot of art works such as ancient paintings, weapons, musical instrument and so on.  A well spent afternoon there. :)

The ticket and the museum. 

A day out with my host family. Photo taken outside the museum. 

For lunch, Luna Mama cooked the Si Chuan signature meal: 粉蒸肉. It was really tasty! I ate two bowl of porridge for that. I am glad that I could have all those delicious dinner and lunch at there.

A really tasty and special Si Chuan dish. 

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