Thursday, 29 December 2016


17th December 2016  Day 15 
This morning, Beishi school had an event at下營武承恩公園.
              It was a small fair for the elementary school children to take part and perform. The Beishi school kids were going to perform the " 太鼓". They won the "You Deng Jiang" last time in a competition. My host sister, Trinity took part in it too. At around 9 am, we arrived at 下營 and I could see many people were already there to set up their booths and be ready. 太鼓藝文擺攤

         There was a morning market just beside the venue. So, I walked around to search for any special snacks. The market in Taiwan is quite different with the one in Malaysia. In Malaysia, our markets are mostly food such as vegetables, meats, soy beans, breakfasts and so on. However, in Taiwan, I can see there are many varieties. They also sell clothes, soaps and slippers other than food!

         At around 11:30 am, it was the kids' turn to perform. To be honest, they played very well compared to the other schools. Their hard works were paid off. :) I will definitely try to play the 太鼓if I have the chance.

     After event, I visit the Qi Shui Yan Shan with my host family. I always wanted to visit the place as the salt looks like the snow! But unfortunately, the Typhoon last time was too strong and it destroyed part of the salt mountain. Therefore, it is currently under maintenance and not allowed to climb. :(
After that we went to the Taiwan Salt Museum. Well I think they have do put more efforts in advertising this place as the crowd was quite less although it was Saturday.  In the museum, I had learnt the history and the making process of the salt many years ago. It was really amazing and worth to visit.

  At around 8 pm, we went home. Today was indeed a fruitful day ( and yet a tiring day xD) So currently, one of my things to do in Taiwan had been checked and I am looking forward for my next trip. :)

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