Monday, 12 December 2016

New week with year 2 :D

12th December 2016

A fresh new week stated. This morning, the Yea 5 students had a video learning session with the teachers from Phillipines. Once again I was amazed by the Taiwan learning system as in Malaysia, we hardly have the online leaning session with the teacher overseas. It was quite effective in improving their English skill as they can help them to improve their speaking and listening.

Students were having video learning session. 

       This week I will accompany the Year 2 students. There are more students in Year 2 compared to year 1, a total of 11 students. As today was my first day with them, I just observed their style of learning and remember their names. During recess time, I played with those kids on the field. It was really fun to be with them, happiness was everywhere. Besides, everyday, the lunch session was my favourite time. The food the school provided was so nice. I felt at home whenever I had the meal.

                                                              Lunch today. I love it!

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