Thursday, 8 December 2016

Day 2...

7th December 2016
           I started my morning with a story telling session to the students. To be honest, I was quite worried as they might not understand the story. It was indeed a challenge for me as I had to try my best to simplify my story so that they can enjoy it. Fortunately, with the help of Miss Yan, the children can understand my story quite well. After that, I went to Class Year 1 to introduce myself and do some cultural sharing. The children were adorable, and they were definitely the curious babies. I had a great time staying with them, and I cant wait to share my experience with them.

         During their recess time, the children will drag me to the playground behind to play with them. The most popular game they played is the "who be the ghost", and they will run around the playground to avoid being catch. As this was the first time for me to teach in Taiwan, some of their study styles were very new to me. For example, they will have 10 minutes break time for every 40 minutes class. This period was where the children could rest and play around. I think this is a great way of studying as the students can concentrate more after having a break. 
Year One students were having video session.

I was playing with the kids at the playground during recess.

Delicious lunch in the school. 

Another best thing I found in Taiwan's schools is they will prepare healthy and free lunch for their students to ensure they had enough nutrients. Besides, around 3 pm, the school will prepare some snacks for them as well. I hope Malaysia can have this kind of system too.

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