Monday, 12 December 2016

My last day stay with the Year 1 kids...

9th December 2016

Early in the morning, the Year One kids had an interesting session to learn about the solar system. Today we learned about the phenomena of  "螢惑寐心" which was a bad sign during the ancient China period.
The students were having class about the solar system.

Drama session. The students were given chances to perform on the stage.

Another interesting thing to be noted is that the kids in Taiwan have to learn the "台語". It is a compulsory subject for them. So, today I am lucky to have a "台語" session with them. I tried to sing the "台語" song but my standard is too low. However, it was still fun to learn it. :)

One of my favourite food in Tainan, "Wa Kueh" It was very tasty.

                 As today was my last day in Year 1, I had a culture sharing session with them. Last night, I did the presentation slides of Malaysia, and today I used the slides to introduce my beloved country to them. I am proud to be a Malaysian as our culture are so unique. I tried my best to explain the culture of Malaysia to them, so that they will be interested and amazed by our culture too. I also taught the kids Indian dance. It was fun to see them follow your steps and dance with you. Those students were very enthusiastic in learning new things, which was one of the reason why I love mixing around with them so much. They could always surprise you. :)
             After the dancing session, I gave each of them one candy as a reward for their acts.I hoped they would like it.

Culture sharing session: Teaching them the Malay song (Bangun Pagi, Gosok gigi)

Teach them the simple steps of Indian Dance

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